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Technology that the product needs

Europe-wide just-in-time delivery is the secret of the success of united-turned-parts (utp).
The warehouses and production facilities located throughout Europe provide our customers
with the highest degree of fl exibility and security in their own production processes.
Products manufactured by utp are subjected to 100% testing on specially designed
optoelectronic sorting machines. This enables utp to pursue a zero defect strategy.
The customer-oriented process organization means increased service performance.
In the process, the utp facilities in Finnentrop play a superordinate role.

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Management Dipl. Ing. Frank Schmerbeck

UTP Organisational structure

The flexible machine structures at the utp facilities enable the adjustment of capacities withinan outstanding
reaction time.

The utp company is modern, flexible, and future-oriented.
Our success speaks for itself. We look forward to getting to know you!